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Amazon Business has helped our company achieve its strategic objectives

Aryeh Safern
CEO and founder, Access King BVBA
MutecPower Access King
Access King is the company that owns the MutecPower brand and was one of the first businesses to sell in all countries available on Amazon Seller Central. Aryeh Safern founded Access King in Belgium in 2012 with the aim of providing high-quality cabling online that stands out from the stiff competition. The company immediately became a selling partner of Amazon and entrusted its entire logistics operations to FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon).
"Amazon Pan-European FBA was the best thing for us because we could send everything to a single destination, leaving Amazon to take care of distribution in all European markets. This has also helped us increase sales significantly."
Aryeh SafernCEO and founder, Access King BVBA
Covid presented the team with challenging ups and downs: daily sales doubled at the start of the pandemic, but once Chinese production sites and ports had closed, stocks sold out and could not be replenished, and the company suffered all the delays and associated increases in shipping costs. But now, operations have returned to normal and the company is thinking of further strengthening its relationship with Amazon's business customers.

Amazon Business has helped our company achieve its strategic objectives

Aryeh points out that, by targeting business customers, Amazon Business has helped Access King achieve its strategic goals.
When Amazon Business launched, we did two main things: firstly, we gave business users a discount; secondly, we offered a bulk discount to all companies that purchased more than 5, 10 or 20 units. It has helped us a lot because business customers always come back to buy from us. As you know, people love a discount!
Aryeh SafernCEO and founder, Access King BVBA
Aryeh also spoke about B2B customer behaviour:
Business customers aren't one-time shoppers; as long as they are happy, they keep coming back. Sometimes, customers buy large quantities and repeat the same order after a certain period of time, so we know they’re happy that our products deliver value for money.
Aryeh SafernCEO and founder, Access King BVBA

Brand expansion with Amazon

MutecPower is a registered trademark in Europe and the United States Aryeh explained that they had an excellent experience expanding their brand on Amazon: "Through the Amazon Brand Registry service, we’ve been able to expand our brand considerably and, especially in B2B sales, companies notice our brand."

Key tips for aspirational businesses

Aryeh shared his thoughts with other business owners who sell on Amazon: "The most important thing is to stay laser-focused. You can't see Amazon Business as something on the side. If you want to do business on Amazon, you have to work and it's a full-time job. What's more, you need to offer B2B clients lower business prices and bulk discounts."

He points out that the two main challenges are competition and low prices: there are thousands of sellers and it's difficult to beat them with good prices alone. Aryeh then revealed his secret to success: "You must find a product that is different, that stands out from the competition. What you can do is find a niche market, a product that doesn't have as much competition, and set fair prices."
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