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In a hypercompetitive market, Transparency makes a difference

"But best of all, there have been no attempted infringements on any of the products that we have enrolled in Transparency."
Jorge Hernández Jimenez
from OcioDual
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Stand out in a saturated market

What is the secret to thriving in one of the most saturated retail sectors?

It seems that Jorge Hernández Jiménez, from OcioDual, has found out.

In the last 10 years, his brand, which sells consumer electronics and computer accessories, has grown despite being in a highly competitive market.

Based in Alicante, on the beautiful Costa Blanca in Spain, OcioDual supplies all of its stock in bulk. This means that its customers, both retailers and companies, including distributors, are practically guaranteed the best deals on the market. However, what makes it stand out is the quality of its products and its excellent customer service.

"We have very demanding quality standards", says Jorge. "We also work with a global logistics company that we have right here. And we do our best to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied."

The true reality

Standing out in the crowded space of consumer electronics and computer accessories is a challenge. When infringers counterfeit products, they can distort the qualities that distinguish the brands.

Consulting firm CSC Global estimates that consumer electronics is the fastest-growing category of counterfeit goods in the world, and a sector of $169 billion (about €142 billion) in its own right. It's up to brands to protect their products from potential infringements and to help customers verify that purchases are authentic and safe.
"Often", says Jorge, "the customer doesn't know exactly who they're buying from. Therefore, if they have a bad experience, they'll blame it on us and we'll start being connected with that bad product".
Jorge Hernández JimenezGeneral Manager, OcioDual
In addition to taking advantage of a brand's hard work, most counterfeits bypass the mandatory and rigorous health, safety and quality controls that legitimate products undergo. The result is that customers inadvertently purchase defective, potentially unsafe and low-quality products, which can lead to a deterioration in customer confidence, brand reputation and future sales.

Make it official with the Amazon Brand Registry

Jorge started selling OcioDual's products on several websites. But Amazon quickly became the most promising channel, and not just because of sales performance. Jorge was also attracted to the suite of brand protection tools offered by Amazon.
Amazon ensures that your brand is protected. All you have to do is advertise your products and Amazon will take care of the rest.
Jorge began by registering OcioDual as a trademark. This allowed him to enrol in the Brand Registry and start using protection tools such as "Report a Violation" and enrol in other branding programmes such as A+ Content and Sponsored Products.

Jorge's experiences with the Brand Registry encouraged him to take the next step and sign up for Amazon Transparency.

Adopt best practices

When Jorge found out about Transparency on another seller's listing, he was impressed. "It seemed like a good, simple tool", he recalls.

The implementation of Transparency had a positive and immediate impact for OcioDual.

"Customer satisfaction has increased", says Jorge. "Sales have gone up. And now we can refocus on ensuring that our products always meet our high-quality standards, which is what we want: our mission is to offer customers exceptional quality."

But the decisive factor was the fact that Transparency is a proactive and preventive programme, rather than something that can only be implemented after a counterfeit product has been detected.

"Before, we were the ones who had to contact the seller. And if they were infringers, we were faced with legal expenses. With Transparency, that doesn't happen anymore. We don't have to worry about chasing counterfeiters anymore."
Before, we had to contact sellers ourselves. And if they were bad actors, we'd have to incur legal expenses. With Transparency, that no longer happens. We no longer have to be the ones to worry about going after counterfeiters.

"Transparency takes a weight off your shoulders"

According to market studies, the market for computer accessories is projected to be worth $284 billion (about €239 billion) by 2025, while the consumer electronics market will exceed a billion dollars (about €842 billion).

And because Transparency has helped to strengthen its reputation and brand, OcioDual is perfectly placed to make the most of this opportunity.

"Things went really well for us", says Jorge. "Compared to the time when we didn't have Transparency, we've grown while other companies have experienced a reduction in sales."
Transparency has helped increase revenue by 30%. And best of all, we have not had any attempted infringements on any of the products that we have enrolled.
In view of these figures, Jorge has no doubt that enrolling in Transparency is the path to take.

"With Transparency, you can focus on improving your product and not having to worry about things that shouldn't worry you, like others selling poorer quality products and damaging your name. Total peace of mind."
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