We protect quality and local artisans in times of hardship.

"If you want to sleep peacefully as a brand owner, join Transparency."
Stefano Bolzicco
Owner, LoryArreda.com

A quality brand

When LoryArreda.com puts "Made in Italy" on its furniture, it couldn't be more true.

Most of its suppliers are Italian and are based a short distance from the LoryArreda.com showroom in Udine, a small town nestled between the Italian Alps and the Adriatic Sea.

They couldn't be more local if they tried. And this is something that the company's founder, Stefano Bolzicco, is tremendously proud of.

"Made in Italy is guaranteed", he says. "My products are made by highly qualified local artisans with the best raw materials."

Never before has there been such a demand for high-quality furniture. But it's no secret that counterfeiting is also very widespread.

The worst thing is that most customers are not aware that the furniture they're buying is not real.

As local crafts are a key piece for the LoryArreda.com brand, this phenomenon was a worry from day one.

"Counterfeiting creates all kinds of problems", explains Stefano. "First of all, counterfeiters wouldn't work with my suppliers. As a result, the customer receives a lower quality product."
Counterfeiting also means unfair competition. It costs more to make high-quality products, so I can't compete on price. And seeing your sales decline and your reputation being compromised because customers have bad experiences with products that aren't real is extremely frustrating.
Stefano BolziccoOwner, LoryArreda.com

A welcome invitation

Concerned about LoryArreda.com's reputation and sales, Stefano decided to enrol in the Amazon Brand Registry. Soon after, he received an invitation to attend a talk on a new programme called Transparency.

Stefano believes that accepting this invitation was one of the most important decisions he has made for his business.

"I instantly realised that Transparency would solve my counterfeiting problem.

All the products have a unique code that cannot be replicated. If the code and product don't match, or if the code is simply missing, the product is investigated."

Defence against counterfeiters

Joining Transparency paid off right from the start.

"You feel instantly protected", says Stefano enthusiastically. "You stop dreading waking up and feeling lost because something bad happened that's beyond your control. Incredible, isn't it?"
But signing up has also brought LoryArreda.com long-term benefits.

"Transparency has created a positive feedback loop. Once counterfeit products are out the picture, the only thing that people can get are real items. And they start to realise that quality is one of your values and that they can trust you to provide them with a safe product. In the long run, that has a positive impact on your sales volume."

And, most importantly, being able to ensure that customers only receive real products has also helped to increase brand awareness.

"Now there are more people who have heard of the LoryArreda.com brand. And better yet, more people remember it when they are looking for quality furniture."

As people are spending more time at home, and working from home, the demand for desks, office chairs and other furniture has increased significantly.

But at the same time, counterfeiting has also increased, because unscrupulous individuals have seized the opportunity to take advantage of this unprecedented demand.

It couldn't be a better time to join Transparency.

Stefano is convinced that Transparency played a huge role in the company's dramatic sales increase of 312% since enrolling in the programme in 2019, as it protected and reinforced the brand's reputation at a time when both demand and risk peaked.
'In fact, 'adds Stefano, 'Transparency has also helped us to stand out at other times of strong demand, such as Black Friday, because its protection has strengthened LoryArreda.com's position and helped it gain greater recognition.

We focus on what really matters

Transparency has made it possible for them to take proactive steps to combat counterfeiting. Not having to worry about this has allowed Stefano to focus on what really matters most to him: giving international recognition to skilled artisans and providing the best experience to his esteemed customers.

This has helped to grow his reputation for quality.

"The cost of Transparency is nothing compared to the benefits it brings... It gives you certainty that no one will undermine the reputation that you have worked so hard to build by offering a similar but lower quality product.

If you want to protect your brand, I highly recommend that you sign up for the programme."

Contact the Transparency team for more information

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