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Excited to sell to thousands of new customers that we may not have reached without Amazon Business

Emma Haselip
Head of Marketplaces, Best4Systems
Best4Systems is the trading name of Media and Communications Limited, a UK-based company founded in 1998, which sells telecommunications equipment worldwide to B2B customers. Best4Systems' key customer segments are healthcare, government departments and educational organisations. Sales from online channels multiplied during the COVID pandemic. They now constitute 24% of the company's turnover and continue to grow. More than a third of this comes from Amazon.

We reached thousands of new customers selling on Amazon Business

Emma Haselip, Head of Marketplaces at Best4Systems, shares what they found exciting about selling on Amazon Business:
Amazon's reputation and market share attract customers who only ever will buy on Amazon. So that’s really exciting to reach customers that you may never have been able to sell to without Amazon Business.
Emma HaselipHead of Marketplaces, Best4Systems
"We have reached thousands of new customers since selling on Amazon Business. It's people who could potentially only procure on Amazon — because of the ease of ordering; Business Prime; the one account for Amazon Business that their whole team can access. It's all in one place. So yes, we have gained a lot of customers. Amazon Business is a very important part of our business."

Exactly what everybody needs to grow their business

Emma finds the VAT Calculation Service very helpful, which shows prices without VAT to B2B customers. "When a customer can see the excluding VAT price and the including VAT price on the product page on Amazon Business, that’s obviously brilliant. A lot of businesses like to pay on invoice, and Amazon Business supports that." She also points out the positive impact of Quantity Discounts: "We get a higher order volume with the Quantity Discounts. Buyers take advantage of that. It's been a very positive experience."

One of the useful features on Amazon Business for Best4Systems are Selection Recommendations. "We always get recommendations coming through for gaps in the market that potentially need to go onto Amazon that are available elsewhere online. We do use those. We want to get those products added to Amazon as quickly as possible to ensure they're available for everyone to purchase. It's useful to find out what you deem as having a demand for. All data is important to evaluate and be in the best position you can possibly be in to offer the best selection," says Emma. They would definitely recommend it to other sellers:
All data is brilliant, especially if you can get that from Amazon themselves about what people are looking for, where there could be gaps in the market, and where we could fill them up. That's exactly what everybody needs to grow their business.
Emma HaselipHead of Marketplaces, Best4Systems
"We found that the fact they can get invoice by Amazon Business is quite important for the B2B segments. Invoicing on Amazon Business is exactly what they need," says Emma, based on her observations on customer behaviour relating to the Amazon Invoice service.
The company is also growing its coverage with FBA, as they find it beneficial to use Amazon's excellent logistics and customer service.

My advice for aspiring companies: use this chance to sell to customers who only buy on Amazon

Here's Emma's advice for aspiring companies interested in reaching new B2B customers: "Some people only procure on Amazon due to the functionality and features available. You've got protection with the A-Z guarantee, they have Business Prime, one account for all of their procurement team where everything's in one place. So it's great to get selling on Amazon Business, because all of those features really do appeal to the Business Buyer."
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