Grow your business across the European Union with Pan-European FBA

Achieve more success selling all across Europe with Pan-European FBA
You can save* up to 53% on fulfilment fees and increase your FBA sales by up to 24%**
*Calculated as the highest possible savings when comparing European Fulfilment Network fulfilment fees with local fulfilment fees for each size or weight.
**Based on an August 2023 study that analysed and compared 1.9 million Pan-European FBA offers with similar FBA offers that did not use Pan-European FBA. It is provided as a general point of reference only. It does not reflect data updated in real time and is not specific to any ASIN or product category. Actual results may vary based on a wide range of factors, including, but not limited to, seasonality, sales price and existing compliance solutions. Amazon does not guarantee any specific results for your business when using Pan-European FBA.
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Why sell with Pan-European FBA?

Accelerate your growth with flexible storage
Save on your fulfilment costs by up to 53%
Pay domestic FBA fees in the countries where you allow Amazon to store your products instead of the higher cross-border European Fulfilment Network fees. Click here to see your potential cost savings.
Save on fulfilment costs
Provide a Prime experience to millions of consumers across Europe.
Get fast Amazon delivery for customer orders in countries where you enable Amazon to store your products. 91% of selling partners show higher levels of satisfaction with fast shipping across Europe*.
*Based on the 2020 Fulfilment by Amazon satisfaction survey
Give customers the fast shipping they love
Accelerate your growth with flexible storage
Enable storage in at least two countries (Germany, France, Italy, Spain or Poland). Amazon will distribute and store your products for free, closer to customer demand.

How Pan-European FBA works

  • Choose at least two Amazon EU stores where you can store your products. We’ll take care of transporting them at no additional cost.
  • List your FBA products with the same SKU in all required Amazon EU stores: Germany, France, Italy and Spain.
  • Make sure you meet the compliance requirements for your products.
Pan-European FBA
In just one week, we had our items listed online and available to customers in all the different Amazon marketplaces. Sales grew exponentially in the first three months.
Óscar Vera FríasManager of The Outlet Tablet (Spain)

Pan-European FBA and
European Fulfilment Network

Pan-European FBA through VRN
European Fulfilment Network (EFN)
Programma Paneuropeo di Logistica di Amazon
European Fulfilment Network
Fulfilment management costs
Local fulfilment management fees and the promise of fast delivery in all EU countries enabled for storage and cross-border fulfilment management (EFN) fees in the other countries. Example of a standard package ≤ 400 g = €3.60–€5.50 / 49.95 kr / 5.83 zl in countries enabled for storage.
Cross-border fulfilment management (EFN) fees €7.41–€7.96 / 74.45 kr / 33.08 zl
A VAT number is required for each country where goods are stored.
A VAT number is generally not required for the destination store
Inventory management
Amazon distributes and stores your products in the EU countries that you have enabled for storage
Amazon only stores products locally, ready for local delivery or international shipping

How to get started with Pan-European FBA through VRN

Step 1

Create an Amazon Selling Partner account and add your products to FBA.

Step 2

List your FBA products in all required Amazon European stores (France, Germany, Italy and Spain) with the same SKU. The Build International Listings tool helps you synchronise offer prices and create and translate offers from a single source store to one or more destination stores.
Important: when publishing in Germany and France, you must ensure that you comply with the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). Click here for more information.

Step 3

Enable Amazon storage in at least two countries* (France, Germany, Italy or Spain). You can choose your inventory storage preference by country: store it with a VAT number or without a VAT number through COS.

Step 4

Send your inventory to an Amazon Fulfilment Centre in the EU* (Germany, France, Italy, Spain or Poland).
*Germany, France, Italy, Spain or Poland for Pan-European FBA through VRN. Enabling storage in Poland is not yet allowed for Pan-European FBA through COS.


Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about using Amazon for e-commerce.
What is Pan-European FBA?
Pan-European FBA is a service provided for Amazon selling partners to help them sell their products to customers across Europe in an easier and faster way. This can help selling partners save on fulfilment costs, promise fast delivery and reach a wider audience of customers.
How does Pan-European FBA work?
To sell your FBA products in Amazon's EU stores, you must have access to Seller Central accounts in the following EU stores: France, Germany, Italy and Spain. You must enable placement in at least two of these stores and send your inventory to an Amazon fulfilment centre. You can also sell your products in Amazon's new EU stores available in the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden and Belgium.

Once you send your products to an EU fulfilment centre, we'll store your inventory in our European Fulfilment Network in the countries you have enabled for inventory placement. This is to ensure that your products are available to meet anticipated customer demand. We'll distribute your inventory across these countries at no additional cost.

To enjoy domestic FBA fulfilment fees for orders in Sweden and the Netherlands, you must enable placement in Germany. For orders in Belgium, you must enable placement in Germany or France.
Which countries are included in Pan-European FBA?
Pan-European FBA is available in the following Amazon stores: Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden and Belgium.

As of 1 January 2021, the United Kingdom is no longer part of Pan-European FBA. To sell with FBA in both the UK and the EU4, you'll need to send inventory to fulfilment centres in the UK and the EU4 or sell through the Remote Fulfilment Network between the UK and EU.
What is the Pan-European FBA fee?
Through Pan-European FBA, you'll pay local fulfilment fees in all the EU countries enabled for storage, and cross-border fulfilment fees (EFN) in all other EU countries. You can find the detailed FBA fee table in this guide.
How can I enrol in Pan-European FBA and what are the eligibility requirements?
To enrol in Pan-European FBA, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

1. Create an Amazon selling partner account and add your products to the FBA service.
2. List your eligible FBA products in all required Amazon European stores with the same SKU. This includes Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Poland.
3. Enable storage in at least two of these countries.
4. Make sure that your products meet the pan-European product eligibility requirements.
5. Ensure that you are complying with VAT regulations. You can find more information on VAT compliance here.
6. Send your inventory to an Amazon fulfilment centre in the EU.
What are the benefits of Pan-European FBA?
The main benefits of selling through Pan-European FBA are as follows:

1. It can help your business expand internationally.
2. It can accelerate your growth with flexible storage.
3. You can start with just two VAT numbers, which means you won't need to register for VAT in every country where you sell.
4. You can sell to millions of customers with the Prime badge.
5. Save up to 53% on fulfilment costs.
6. Sell FBA products with the low-price FBA rates programme through the Pan-European FBA Programme.
How can I track my inventory and sales through Pan-European FBA?
When you enable countries for inventory placement, you are giving Amazon permission to store your FBA inventory in any of those countries. Amazon may then move your inventory between EU fulfilment centres at its discretion and at any time, at no additional cost to you.

You can track the movement of your inventory using the Cross-border Inventory Movement report, the Daily Inventory History report and the Amazon Fulfilled Shipments report.
How do I add my products via Pan-European FBA?
To sell your products in EU stores, you need to create offers on each of these marketplaces. You can use the same process that you used to create offers in your domestic store. You must provide the same FNSKU for all the offers you create.

To list your products, you can easily use the "Build International Listings" tool and choose which stores you want to expand your business into. You can see the detailed process in the Pan-European FBA handbook available here.
How can I sell low price FBA products through Pan-European FBA?
You can register eligible low-price FBA rate offers in the Pan-European FBA programme and the Remote Fulfilment Network between the UK and the EU. Products will automatically receive low-priced FBA rates when they are priced at or below (including Value Added Tax [VAT]) the following amounts:

£10 in the UK
€11 in Germany
€12 in France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands
140 SEK in Sweden
55 PLN in Poland

You can find more information about low-price FBA rates for Pan-European FBA here.

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