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A unique product becomes a trusted brand for child care

"The Transparency programme lives up to its name. It has added value to our product."
Emil Ninni and Giacomo Romani
The founders of Koala Babycare
Historia de éxito de un vendedor de Amazon de Emil Ninni y Giacomo Romani

From childhood friends to business partners

The founders of Koala Babycare, Emil and Giacomo, met in the corridors of the local school in Pesaro, a small city on Italy's Adriatic coast.

As is often the case, they lost touch after graduation, until they met by chance while working at the same company and reconnected because of their shared dream of creating a positive impact from their engineering studies.

Be creative with science

Luck (or fate) gave Giacomo nephews and nieces at that time.

Meanwhile, Emil's partner, who worked in a nursery, often shared stories about flat head syndrome, a condition in which babies' heads flatten because they spend too much time lying on their backs.

That's where the idea came from.

After months of extensive research and experiments, Emil and Giacomo held in their hands the prototype of the first pillow in history specifically designed to gently accommodate babies' heads and preserve their natural shapes.

Undue attention

In May 2017, Emil and Giacomo were ready for the launch.

There was only one problem.

Although imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, it’s bad for business and unacceptable when it comes to the safety of a child.

According to a study, 58% of parents worry about authenticity when buying baby care products. And 72% would stop buying a brand if they found out that there are counterfeits on the market that could be harmful to their little ones.

After all their work, Emil and Giacomo couldn't risk that happening.

Protect the Koala Babycare brand with Amazon

Back then, Emil and Giacomo turned to Amazon for the development of their online company. They soon discovered that Amazon had designed a series of programmes so that companies could grow and protect their brand.

These included the Amazon Brand Registry, a programme that allows owners to accurately represent their brand and products so that the customer is rest assured and satisfied.

By enrolling in the Trademark Registry, Emil and Giacomo gained access to enhanced features such as A+ Content, Sponsored Brands, Brand Analysis and various brand protection tools, through which they were able to easily detect and report infringements.

"Being in the Trademark Registry gave us the tools we needed to effectively grow and protect our brand. We were able to search and report suspicious listings, and Amazon would delete them immediately."

These functions were critical to the growth of their company. Before long, their pillow was one of the most sought-after baby care accessories in Europe.
Amazon paved the way. It succeeded in making our company successful at a European level. Since 2017, our revenues have tripled year on year. And 80% comes from our shop front.
Needless to say, Emil and Giacomo were delighted. But their success also made them more aware than ever of the need to protect their brand, their new customers and their hard-earned reputation at all times.

So, when they discovered Transparency, Amazon's counterfeit prevention programme through which they could take proactive steps to protect their products and their customers from counterfeits, the most logical action was to enrol.

A simple process from start to finish

Emil and Giacomo registered a product to start off. Its most successful in terms of sales and the product that was most at risk of being counterfeited.

The enrolment and onboarding were simple. But above all, the advantages were almost immediate.

"The Transparency programme gives us confidence. Every product that we sell has a unique code, so we can rest assured that potential infringers aren't going to take advantage of our hard work."

But it's not just Emil and Giacomo that have benefited from this confidence boost.

"Every customer who buys the product can verify its authenticity by simply scanning it with their smartphone."

Enrolment in Transparency has created a positive loop.

Positive reviews are increasing, which strengthens Koala Babycare's reputation. In turn, this encourages more people to buy their products, which translates into increased sales and revenue.
All in all, we've increased revenue by 10% just because we signed up for Transparency.
Emil Ninni and Giacomo RomaniThe founders of Koala Babycare

Smooth sailing

When Transparency reported that it would launch a customer interaction feature in the app, Emil and Giacomo were among the first to sign up.

In addition, for proactive counterfeit protection, new features allow customers to access extensive brand content and exclusive promotions, and encourage customers to share their brand experiences on social media. All you have to do is scan a code using the Transparency app.

"It's a great opportunity, because we can interact, cross-sell and upsell, or encourage customers to buy again when they're most receptive... not just when they've just purchased the product. It's literally in your hands as you watch this content."

Emil and Giacomo are confident that it’ll be the beginning of a new chapter in which their brand will achieve bigger and better results.

Being transparent is cost-effective

Koala Babycare started with a great idea and an ambitious goal: to make a real difference in people's daily lives.

Amazon has been instrumental in making this vision a reality. It has introduced Koala Babycare to a wide audience and provided them with the right tools so that customers continue to see it as a brand that they can trust to deliver on its promises.

Emil, Giacomo and their customers can now sleep a little easier and safer knowing that Koala Babycare products are protected and authentic.

"Transparency is its own guarantee. I would recommend it to any brand that values its reputation and wants to protect it."
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Contact the Transparency team for more information

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