How to sell electronic products online in 2023

How to sell electronic products online in 2023

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How to sell electronic products online in 2022
For many users, searching for and choosing electronic products can be much easier on the Internet than going to a store or a shopping centre, as you can compare prices and services much faster and thoroughly online.

That's why online stores for items such as mobile phones or household appliances have become so popular. In view of the success in online sales of these products, many sellers have decided to set up their own e-commerce store even without having a physical store beforehand.

However, the requirements for creating an electronic e-commerce store can be demanding. If you are not clear about the steps you need to follow, make sure you read our article in which we list some of the most important aspects to bear in mind.

Selling electronic products online

There are different options for selling electronic products. The seller may already has a physical store and want to expand to e-commerce; they may be a new business with its own newly created website or they may decide to use a highly-popular established e-commerce site to sell their products.

Selling electronic products on the Amazon Store

If, as a seller, you decide to list your items on the Amazon Store, you'll need to follow several steps before creating your online store:
  • Sign up through thislink.
  • Choose your sales plan.
  • Design your store and learn how to list products.
For a more detailed summary of the steps to follow, we recommend that you take a look at the beginner's guide made available by the Amazon Store to everyone who wants to set up their own online store.

Rules and prohibitions

In this section, we would like to take a closer look at the rules and prohibitions regarding the sale of certain electronic products, as the Amazon Store expressly prohibits the sale of items related to the alteration of or interference with electronic devices, such as FRS/GMRS radios, odometer modification devices, video game emulators and certain types of batteries, for example.

What's more, anyone who sells household appliances that do not meet certain standards may be fined or sentenced to prison. See the details here.


Depending on the items sold, the Amazon Store requires its selling partners to pay a referral fee. In the case of household appliances and electronic products, this fee is 7%. You can view all the details here.

Payment plans and cycles

The Amazon Store offers the Individual Plan and the Professional Plan, which you can choose based on your online store's number of monthly sales. What's more, each plan has different features depending to the needs of each commercial partner.


Now that you have all the information on how to create an online electronics store on the Amazon Store, nothing can stop you from being successful in the industry.


What is the referral fee for selling electronics and appliances?
The referral fee for these items is 7%.
Are there any restrictions on selling electronic products on the Amazon Store?
Yes. View the detailed list here.

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