How to sell clothes online

How to start selling clothes online

The demand for online clothes shopping never stops. It's a key sector. However, many potential clothing sellers don't know where to start. That's why this article will guide you through basics of selling clothes online, either through your own website or through Amazon.
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How to sell clothes online

Selling clothes online

If you want to start selling clothes online, you should know that there are big brands, independent fashion designers, retail distributors and small online shops that sell and resell clothes.

Create your own online clothing store

To start selling clothes online, the first thing you need to do is select a particular market, work out your business plan and then choose whether to sell through your own website or through Amazon. Both options have several advantages and disadvantages.

Before you start selling

Before launching your online shop, you need to draw up a commercial strategy, taking into account aspects such as a size guide for your shop, the importance of including high-quality and properly selected photographs and describing each item for sale in detail etc.
How to start selling on Amazon

How to start selling on Amazon

Once you have decided that you want to set up an Amazon store, the first step to take is to register with Seller Central. Then, you need to choose the selling programme that best fits your needs.

You also need to select the fulfilment method you will use for your online store. One of the options you can to choose from is the Fulfilment by Amazon service, which not only provides the seller access to more than 175 fulfilment centres around the world, but also great returns and customer service.

Another important aspect to decide on is the different payment methods and the payment schedule.

What can you sell on Amazon?

If you want to sell clothes on Amazon, you should know that all sale items must be new. Second-hand items are not permitted. In addition, all clothing items must comply with EU laws and regulations.


With this short guide, you can take the step to launch your own online clothing shop through your own website or through Amazon.


What are the requirements for images in my Amazon clothing shop?
At this link you will find a complete guide to listing clothing items and accessories.
Can I sell second-hand items?
No. The sale of used goods is not permitted in the Clothing and accessories category.
How can I sell my clothes online?
In order to sell clothes online, consider listing your products on well-known websites or on your own website. To do this, decide on the type of clothing you want to sell and the audience you want to reach.

Your audience will vary depending on factors such as the materials, prices or designs of the items you sell, so it is very important to determine who your potential buyers are. It is also essential that you optimise the information about your products with clear images and a good description to allow more potential customers to reach your virtual store.
How much do you earn by selling clothes?
There is no specific answer to how much you earn by selling clothing online, as the percentages can vary depending on various factors such as the price of the products, profit margin, sales volume, shipping costs and other general expenses.

The profit from selling clothes is calculated by monitoring the online store's performance and considering other resources, such as marketing expenses, that may vary depending on the established business strategy.

In other words, the profit margin from selling clothing online varies depending on the established budget, product visibility and each seller's specific expenses.
What profit percentage applies to clothes sales in 2024?
The profit percentage for online sales will depend on the business model and the production costs for the products.

Factors such as sales volumes, the production of the clothes or the cost of purchase from suppliers, budget and the ability to replace inventory are key elements that make the profit percentage that applies to online clothes sales different.
What women's clothing sells best online?
Sports shoes and basic clothing items are two types of women's clothing that are in high demand online due to their versatility and utility.

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