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€39 (excluding VAT) per month plus sales commissions
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Perfect Launch for Amazon sellers

What is the Perfect Launch?

In business, speed matters. For Amazon selling partners, the first 90 days are especially critical when establishing marketing practices, fulfilment, pricing and other variables that accelerate performance after launch. Amazon's data scientists refer to the use of five selling programmes (Brand Registry, A+ Content, Fulfilment by Amazon, Automated Pricing and Ads) within those first 90 days as the Perfect Launch. Selling partners who complete these five steps within that critical time frame can generate sales quicker, as many of the most successful selling partners have already done.

Ready to join? The sales guide is simple:
Register your brand in the Brand Registry
Improve detail pages for products with A+ content
Set up Fulfilment by Amazon
Automate the pricing of your offers
Create advertising campaigns, vouchers or Sponsored Products offers

Register your brand to qualify for the new brand bonus

The Brand Registry offers a suite of tools designed to help you protect and differentiate your brand, including automated protection and powerful search tools to detect and report violations.
More than 500,000 brands have been registered in the Brand Registry1
Eligible new selling partners enrolling in the Brand Registry can earn 5% bonuses on up to €900,000 obtained in brand sales (up to €45,000 in bonuses), register a product on Vine for free to get product reviews (worth €180)

Improve the content of your product page

Use A+ content to showcase your brand and product features on Amazon product detail pages. Explore features with technical specifications, product comparative information, and additional rich content such as images, videos, or product settings. Next, use our Manage Your Experiments feature to run A/B tests and optimise conversion. Over the past year, thousands of selling partners have used both to maximise their product listings.
Adding A+ content to detail pages can increase sales by an average of 5.6%.2
2Global Amazon internal data in 2020.

Offer customers the Prime experience on their eligible offers

With FBS, you store your products in our fulfilment centres and we pick, pack and deliver your orders and provide 24/7 customer service in the local languages of European Amazon stores. Eligible offers fulfilled with FBA carry the Prime badge because of Amazon's promise of fast delivery and trusted customer service.
Amazon selling partners tend to see an average increase in sales of 63%* when they switch their products to Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) in Spain as a result of faster FBA shipments.3
The Fulfilment by Amazon New Selection programme offers free storage, free stock removals, and free returns processing for a limited time for eligible ASINs new to Fulfilment by Amazon.
3 This figure is based on a per-channel analysis of data from the fourth quarter of 2019 to the fourth quarter of 2020 (excluding the second quarter of 2020 due to the impact of COVID 19). It is provided as a general point of reference only. It does not reflect data updated in real time and is not specific to any ASIN or product category. Actual results may vary based on a wide range of factors, including but not limited to seasonality, sales price and the existing fulfilment solution. Amazon does not guarantee any specific results for your business when using FBA.

Adjust prices quickly and automatically

Our free automatic pricing tool can help you quickly and automatically adjust prices so you can face the competition and have a better chance of making your offer stand out. Choose the listings you want to register, set price limits, and let Amazon help you adjust prices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the meantime, you'll be able to focus on other aspects of your business.
Featured offers can accelerate your sales by up to 50%.4
4Global Amazon internal data in 2021.

Showcase your products

Help customers find your products by quickly creating Sponsored Products ads that appear in search results and on related product pages. Pay only when they click on them. Provide offers and vouchers to increase conversion.
After launching a Sponsored Products campaign, on average, selling partners see a 40% weekly increase in units ordered and an increase of more than 54% in product page views in the first year.5
Business partners can get a €45 credit in Sponsored Products and €45 credit in Amazon vouchers to present offers to customers.
5 Global Amazon internal data in 2019.
VAT Calculation Service

Activate free automatic billing

The VAT Calculation Service is a free tool that automatically generates your invoices when you receive orders. This service in turn allows you to access other tools that can help you attract large orders from the over 5 million companies that buy on Amazon. For example, your products will appear without VAT, as well as with the “Downloadable invoice” badge for those who are eligible. Click here to get started.
On average, sellers who use the VAT Calculation Service experience a 50% increase in their B2B 4 sales in the first month after activating the service.
4 Amazon internal data
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Incentives for New Sellers
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We'll help you get started

Start your trip with a little less risk. To help you achieve a Perfect Launch, we offer Incentives for new selling partners, including a 5% bonus for the first €900,000 earned in brand sales, credits to test cost-per-click (CPC) advertising, launching your product reviews and much more, plus discounts on storage, returns and Prime shipping, among others, with FBA.

Get started today with new selling partner incentives:
  • Get a 5% bonus for the first €900,000 you earn in brand sales
  • International business partners get a €180 discount on fulfilment fees when using Amazon's Global Fulfilment service
  • Get 120 days of free storage for 100 units, plus 180 days of free withdrawals with FBA.
  • Get €45 credit for Sponsored Products CPC adverts; the offers are in your hands
  • Register a product on Vine for free to get up to 30 trusted reviews (worth €180)
Below you can see the full list of new selling partners incentives and the process to select them. Terms and conditions apply. Visit Seller Central for more information.
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More than €45,000 in potential profits.

Amazon Selling Programme

Your incentive

How to get it

Advantages of the Brand Registry
5% new brand bonus for your first €900,000 in brand sales
Complete the Amazon Brand Registry and identify yourself as a brand owner within six months of listing your first activated ASIN. Learn more.
€180 credit
Complete your trademark registration if you own one. The discount will be applied to the logistics handling fees and will cover up to 100 standard size items or 30 oversized items for 120 days, or up to 100 units of clothing and shoes for 120 days.
Advantages of Fulfilment by Amazon
120 days of free storage in 100 standard-size units (or in 50 large units)

Clothes/Shoes: 120 days of free storage for 100 units
Ship inventory to an Amazon fulfilment centre within 90 days of listing your first buyable ASIN and you will be automatically enrolled in the FBA New Selection.
€180 fulfilment fees
Ship inventory to an Amazon fulfilment centre within 90 days of listing your first buyable ASIN
Ad Benefits
Sponsored Products
€45 credit
Launch a Sponsored Products campaign within 90 days of listing your first buyable ASIN for €40 credit. Learn more.
€45 credit
Create a voucher within 90 days of listing your first ASIN.
The Amazon Seller app

Manage your online business on the go

The Amazon Seller app allows you to manage business details online remotely by creating listings, tracking sales, fulfilling orders, responding to customers, and more, all from your mobile device.
Click here to download the Amazon Seller app on the Apple App Store
Click here to download the Amazon Seller app on Google Play
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Don't have a large number of products to sell?
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