How to sell furniture online

Sell furniture online

€39 per month (excluding VAT).
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An essential guide to selling furniture online

Selling products online is becoming increasingly popular, as it is an excellent way to reach a wider audience. It is generally easier to sell large products, such as items of furniture, online, as advertisements can be seen by more people, there is no need for a large commercial establishment in which to display them and shipments are easier to make with the right routes.

In this guide, we explain all the necessary information for selling partners interested in selling furniture online, either in bulk or as individual items.

We will also mention payment cycles, fees, advertisements and business strategies for selling on Amazon.

Sell furniture online

Moving can be exhausting, with so much to consider: apartments, catalogues, furniture stores, decisions, assembly work, and much more. The availability of furniture online saves us many of these issues as we are offered countless items of furniture without having to go through huge furniture stores. Without a doubt, choosing the right piece is much easier from the comfort of your home. This is why more and more people are deciding to buy furniture via the internet, generating a growing supply of stores dedicated to this sector.

Launch your own online furniture store

If you are going to set up your own online sales business, you need to consider where to set up your store: you can advertise your items through social media, buy your own domain to create a furniture sales website or register on a website to create your online store. Selling through Amazon is an example of the last option.

Selling furniture through Amazon

  • First, you need to register as an Amazon seller.
  • Next, select the products to sell and create the relevant ads.
  • Don’t forget to state whether the item of furniture in question is new or used, as the sales categories will be different in each case (you can find more information about this in the Frequently Asked Questions).

Payment and fees

As a selling partner, you will need to study the different selling plans offered by Amazon. Depending on, among other things, the number of sales you make, you can choose between an Individual or Professional plan. In the first case, you'll pay a fee of €0.99 per item sold, while the Professional plan sets a flat monthly rate of €39. The referral fee also varies depending on the category of the item sold.


Here are some key points to get started selling furniture online. Now all that’s left is to take the first step to start selling furniture. We’re ready to help with more information on Amazon!


What is the referral fee percentage for selling furniture on Amazon?
15% of the total price for items up to €200 or 10% for items over €200.
What is the difference between an Individual and a Professional plan?
Under the Individual plan, you will pay a fee of €0.99 per item sold, while the Professional plan has a flat rate of €39 regardless of the items you sell.

Start selling today

€39 (excluding VAT) per month plus sales commissions
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