Mr. Tronic saw sales shoot up thanks to the Strategic Account Services Pro Plan

"It's an incredible programme and I 100% recommend it, but be aware that it requires a lot of time and effort too. There is a lot of potential and you have to commit to leverage that potential".
Alberto di Cecco, Mr. Tronic
"We specialise in Ethernet cables", says Alberto di Cecco, owner of Mr. Tronic. With a wealth of experience in the world of e-commerce, they have been selling their products online for seven years. However, ever since they started selling on Amazon in 2018 with a view to expanding in Europe, they have not stopped growing.

Alberto joined the Pro Plan in October 2019, when the programme was only just up and running. "We decided to join the programme because we had a clear vision of how we wanted to grow and it seemed like the perfect time to benefit from an advisory service that included strategic recommendations, analyses and reports to help us understand the market, and to have constant support on top of that", explains Alberto, after saying that he had decided to put his faith in the programme's value proposition.
"Since joining the programme, I definitely feel more confident in my decisions knowing that I have someone who knows what is best for my business. I can do the research and reach conclusions myself, but having a Marketplace Consultant gives me a lot more confidence because they act as my backup and recommend strategic actions to fuel growth. They also point us in the direction of various sub-programmes and connect us with people who can help us grow", says the owner of Mr. Tronic.
Macarena has been working at Amazon for around three years and believes in the importance of sharing her strategic knowledge and vision with her selling partners. "I want them to learn as much as they can because that makes it easier for us to work as a team. The success of my accounts is also a success for me, and so there is no better feeling for me than seeing the accounts grow and making sure that I provide value by building long-term relationships", says Macarena. "The Pro Plan is aimed at supporting companies that sell their products on our website and that are committed to working with us to grow their business", says Macarena, Marketplace Consultant for Mr. Tronic.

"We have grown and that can be attributed to many different things. This programme has certainly had a lot to do with it, because we set up Today's Deals, invested heavily in advertising, and increased product variety thanks to the recommendations we received", says Alberto. "It's a powerful programme with good tools. Of course, you have to really want to work, because it's not as simple as joining the programme and automatically increasing your sales; you need to want to do it, to give it time and do it well. When I got started with the programme, I found my rhythm and my Marketplace Consultant put me to work. You need to want it, be willing to commit and know that you have to work hard to provide people with a good product and a good service", Alberto concludes.
Mr. Tronic
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