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Explore our Amazon Compliance Solutions that help you comply with tax regulations in the European Union.

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VAT services on Amazon

Grow your business while we help you simplify compliance processes to meet VAT obligations.

VAT Services on Amazon is a convenient and cost-effective solution for meeting VAT compliance requirements. This solution helps you manage your VAT registration and reporting requirements in collaboration with trusted tax service providers. This service is currently available in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland and the Czech Republic.
VAT services on Amazon
Get help expanding your business across borders
We'll help you get all the VAT numbers you need to sell freely throughout the European Union.
Integrated into Amazon Seller Central
Get direct assistance from renowned tax service providers directly in your Amazon control panel.
Supports non-Amazon transactions
Register VAT and also present it for sales outside of Amazon. We take care of your entire business.


We help 50,000 selling partners with their VAT compliance through VAT Services on Amazon.


Choose from our 4 experienced and trusted tax service providers, selected to offer you a great experience and assistance across Europe.

How it works

Step 1

Select the countries for VAT registration or declaration, choose your tax advisor and provide the VAT registration numbers (if you have them). Then, wait for your tax advisor to contact you and tell you how to proceed.

Step 2

Compile and upload documents
Share any company information and documents (company or product details etc.) as directed by your tax advisor that are necessary for verification or application.

Step 3

Review and sign
Your tax advisor will generate the application forms with the information you have provided. Review and sign the application forms. After you sign, your tax advisor will submit the application to the tax authorities on your behalf.

Step 4

Start filing and declaring
Once the tax authorities issue your application, you can directly view and download your VAT registration certificate through Seller Central.

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Rates for VAT Services on Amazon

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