Amazon Selling Partner 360

Whether you're in the early stages of selling on Amazon or you're further along in your online selling journey, making the right decisions to grow your business can be challenging.

Amazon Selling Partner 360 offers a premium, tailored consulting solution. Leveraging our expertise in Amazon stores, we create personalised strategies to help you prioritise what matters most: driving sales, growing your business and delighting your customers.
Selling Partner 360

What is included in the programme?

Your Marketplace Consultant provides analytical insights on your Amazon business. With your goals in mind, we use our knowledge to identify potential and advise you on interesting opportunities. By turning recommendations into clear initiatives and answering your questions along the way, Amazon Selling Partner 360 enables you to take effective action, optimise resources, and make improvements that can facilitate your continued success. Participation in Amazon Selling Partner 360 includes:
A Marketplace Consultant & business advice

Marketplace Consultant and business advice

  • Liaise with your Marketplace Consultant on a strategy focused on growing your business
  • Access to continuous support, advanced coaching and best practices for selling on Amazon
  • Progress tracking using a
    data-driven business review
Merchandising, beta & pilot opportunities

Merchandising and beta & pilot opportunities

  • You will be informed of the latest
    beta programmes and pilots applicable to your business
  • Take advantage of access to managing promotional opportunities and featured events to promote your products
  • You will always be notified of
    news and updates from Amazon

How do we help you grow?

Using our knowledge of the key drivers for growth, our consulting focuses on seven modules. These range from exercises to save on operating costs, to increasing the visibility of your offers and promoting awareness of your brand.

We focus on 2–3 modules at a time to achieve specific progress.


  • Detailed analysis of the conversion rate.
  • Identify actions for high- and low-performing products
  • Personalised recommendations for improving detail pages.
  • Keyword optimisation
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How have we helped other selling partners?

It's an incredible programme and I 100% recommend it, but be aware that it requires a lot of time and effort too. There is a lot of potential and you have to commit to leverage that potential.
Alberto di CeccoCEO of Mr. Tronic
If you sell on Amazon and you want to increase your sales volume, you need to join the programme. Not only do you benefit from your consultant's knowledge, but also from their agility and managerial ability to solve problems
Enrique MedelCEO Ofituria

What are the fees?

The programme fees are the total of two components: a fixed base fee + a variable fee. This fee will be deducted on a monthly basis from your Seller Central account.

Monthly fee

Fixed base fee
Variable fee
[Last month's turnover x 0.3%]*
* There is a monthly cap of €5,000 as the maximum fee. Total
turnover refers to the sum of all turnover across the EU.


Monthly turnover = €50,000
Monthly turnover = €50,000 = Amazon Selling Partner 360 fee -> €1,750
Monthly turnover = €100,000
€1,600 + (0.3% x 100,000) = Amazon Selling Partner 360 fee -> €1,900
Please see FAQs 25–29 for information on programme fees and billing.

How can I get learn more?

To learn more about Amazon Selling Partner 360:
  • Enter your details using the "Register my interest" button below.
  • We will review your account and one of our experts will contact you if you are eligible for the programme.
  • You will receive confirmation of your enrolment date (subject to waiting list) and a Marketplace Consultant will be assigned to you.



1. If I'm not a brand owner, can Amazon Selling Partner 360 help me?
Yes, the programme is designed to support both brand owners and resellers in Amazon stores. The main modules you'll be working on will vary depending on your business needs.
2. Does the Amazon Selling Partner 360 programme cover my account in Spain and other stores in Europe?
Yes, your assigned Marketplace Consultant will help you to expand and grow both in Spain and in other European stores. If you have a unified account, the base fee of €1,600 will be charged once, regardless of how many European stores you have in a single account. If you have separate accounts, you can choose which accounts you would like to enrol into the programme and you will be charged separately for the accounts chosen.
3. Will the Amazon Selling Partner 360 programme help me with my growth outside of the UK and Europe?
No, we don't support growth outside of the UK and Europe, as the service we offer is just for Europe. However, we work closely with the Global Selling team and will be able to notify you of new market opportunities. Although we can't work directly with your accounts outside of Europe and the UK, your Marketplace Consultant will be able to put you in contact with teams that can support your expansion outside of the UK and the EU.
4. I have more than one account. Can I work with a single Marketplace Consultant to help me with all my accounts?
Selling partners must enrol each account in Amazon Selling Partner 360 separately. Depending on Marketplace Consultant capacity, you may or may not work with the same Marketplace Consultant for all your accounts. We'll work closely with you to determine how to best manage your multiple accounts. Please see question 2 for more information on multiple accounts.
5. I am currently working with several Account Managers at Amazon. Why should I pay for this service?
Your assigned Marketplace Consultant will help you identify gaps and opportunities to grow your business, and will also help you create a business plan to monitor your progress. Depending on your needs, you'll receive recommendations in key areas such as fulfilment, inventory, selection, conversion, merchandising, advertising and global expansion. Joining the Amazon Selling Partner 360 programme will offer you the following additional benefits: 1) We will work together on your strategic objectives, 2) We will give you holistic support as Marketplace Consultants are not focused solely on a single programme or feature, 3) You will have access to Premium Seller Support, 4) We will proactively check if there are any growth opportunities for your account (e.g. expansion, marketing, selection, pricing, etc.), and 5) Your assigned Marketplace Consultant will keep you informed of the latest beta programmes and pilots available.
6. What are the eligibility requirements for the programme?
To be eligible for the programme, your Amazon account must be a Professional account in good health and without any blocked markets. You will be added to a waiting list and, if your account is eligible, a Market Consultant will contact you.
7. How do I know if Amazon Selling Partner 360 will help my business to grow successfully?
We continuously monitor our selling partners' satisfaction and use this information to shape the future of our programme, so we encourage you to read the case studies on the positive experiences that other selling partners have had with us. Read more about businesses that have benefited from Amazon Selling Partner 360 here.
8. Estoy teniendo problemas con mi cuenta, ¿puedo solicitar soporte antes de registrarme?
Lamentablemente, no podemos brindar asistencia a los Colaboradores Comerciales antes de su inscripción en el programa; sin embargo, cuentas con tu acceso a Atención al Vendedor independientemente de tu estado de inscripción, así que aprovecha este servicio hasta la fecha de inicio oficial. Una vez inscrito en el programa, obtendrás acceso a un Marketplace Consultant, para ayudarte con el crecimiento y Atención al Vendedor Premium para ayudar a solucionar problemas operativos específicos (consulta las preguntas 9-11 para obtener detalles). Ten en cuenta que Amazon Selling Partner 360 no proporciona resolución de problemas de bloqueos relacionados con la cuenta de un Colaborador Comercial. Todos los Colaboradores Comerciales, incluidos los de Amazon Selling Partner 360, deben seguir las mismas vías de apelación a nivel de ASIN o de la cuenta.

Marketplace Consultant

8. I'm having problems with my account, can I request support before I enrol?
Unfortunately, we are unable to support selling partners prior to enrolling in the programme; however, you do have access to Seller Support regardless of your enrolment status, so you can use this service until the official start date. Once enrolled in the programme, you will gain access to a Marketplace Consultant to support your growth, and to Premium Seller Support to help troubleshoot specific operational issues (see questions 9–11 for details). Please note that Amazon Selling Partner 360 does not provide resolution of blocking issues related to selling partner accounts. All selling partners, including those on Amazon Selling Partner 360, must follow the same appeal routes at the ASIN or account level.
12. Will my Marketplace Consultant help me understand the tools available to me in Seller Central?
Yes. Your Marketplace Consultant will be able to show you all the tools available to you. Let them know which information/features you are looking for and they will help you. If you'd like to learn more about Seller Central, let your Marketplace Consultant know and they will include it as a topic in the monthly review call. If it's an ad-hoc question, your Marketplace Consultant can get back to you via email.
13. Will my Marketplace Consultant support me with our Seller Central account?
No, the programme only covers support on your Selling Partner account.
14. How often will I speak to my Marketplace Consultant?
Your Marketplace Consultant will schedule a monthly call to review your business plan and help prioritise actions. Additional calls can be scheduled to help with optimising account growth and other business needs. Selling partners will have their Marketplace Consultant's email address.
15. How many accounts does each Marketplace Consultant manage?
Each Marketplace Consultant will work closely with a small group of selling partners. We limit the number of selling partners each Marketplace Consultant has so that they can focus on optimising your account and helping you to achieve your goals. We also audit this regularly, as your satisfaction is our top priority.
16. Are Marketplace Consultants Amazon employees?
Yes, all Marketplace Consultants are Amazon employees.
17. What level of experience will my Marketplace Consultant have?
All of our Marketplace Consultants receive in-depth training so they can best assist selling partners enrolled in Amazon Selling Partner 360 in topics such as fulfilment, inventory, selection, conversion, merchandising, advertising, global expansion and so much more.
18. How do you choose which Marketplace Consultant to assign to me?
Marketplace Consultants will be assigned to selling partners once their portfolios have been reviewed. We ensure that all Marketplace Consultants are trained to the same high standard and that each Marketplace Consultant's portfolio of selling partners is limited to ensure that are able to provide a consistently excellent service.
19. Will I have the same Marketplace Consultant throughout my time in the programme?
We cannot guarantee that your Marketplace Consultant will not change during your contract, but we value creating this relationship and getting to know the account closely, so, where possible, we will try to provide continuity with the same Marketplace Consultant.
20. What if I am dissatisfied with the level of service I am receiving from my Marketplace Consultant?
The satisfaction of our selling partners is our number-one goal. You will receive a satisfaction survey on a monthly basis, where you can flag any concerns you may have. These results are closely inspected by programme leaders to ensure that the service we are providing is first class. You also have the option to request a call with a manager at any time to review those pain points in greater detail and discuss solutions.

Promotions/merchandising and programme opportunities

21. Will my Marketplace Consultant proactively contact me to inform me about new programme opportunities?
Keeping your business goals in mind, your Marketplace Consultant will inform you about new programmes, pilots and beta versions that may help you achieve your goals.
22. What kind of support will I receive for merchandising?
Your Marketplace Consultant can advise your account on all types of Amazon deals, including Coupons, Lightning Deals, Featured Deals, and Top Deals. Deals are not guaranteed as part of your participation in Amazon Selling Partner 360, but they are a topic that your Marketplace Consultant will advise you on to drive account growth. Fees may apply to different types of deals; you do not get free or discounted merchandising for deals and promotions as part of your participation in Amazon Selling Partner 360.
23. Can my Marketplace Consultant help me set up deals?
Yes, your Marketplace Consultant can advise you on how to set up deals and show you the various different types of deals available. They can also help you develop a schedule based on your business goals and provide guidance on eligibility, which in turn should increase the likelihood that your deals will be accepted.
24. Can my Marketplace Consultant help me prepare for special events like Prime Day?
Yes, your Marketplace Consultant will help you make sure your business is ready for special events/important days. They will help you optimise your merchandising and detail pages in preparation for high-traffic events.

Programme fees and commitment

25. What is the pricing structure for Amazon Selling Partner 360?
Participation in the Amazon Marketplace 360 programme costs €1,600/month (flat base fee) +0.3% (variable fee) of your total sales in the previous calendar month + taxes, including the price of the item, but excluding any returns, shipping, gift wrapping or other charges ("Total Monthly Turnover") + taxes. Fees in any month will be capped at €5,000.

Example: Between 1 July and 31 July 2020, Kristin's Jewellery, a hypothetical Amazon seller participating in Amazon Marketplace 360, sold €130,000 in Total Monthly Turnover across Europe. Kristin's Jewellery would be charged €1,990 (+ taxes) on 1 August. Calculation: (€1,600 + (0.003* €130,000)).

Please note that billing calculations are based on the Total Monthly Turnover across Europe for the previous calendar month ("Total Monthly Turnover" = item price * quantity; Total Monthly Turnover does not include returns, shipping costs, gift wrapping or other charges) and therefore vary from month to month.
26. On what day of the month will I be charged?
You will be charged on the first calendar day of the month. See question 25 to find out how your fees are calculated.
You can find the fee charged in Seller Central under: Reports > Payments > Transactions > Service Fees > Premium Services Fee
27. How are my fees paid?
Fees are paid through your account balance. If the account balance is insufficient to cover the monthly fee, the remainder of the fee will be charged to the credit card on file.
28. Can I pay less if I use fewer services?
Amazon Selling Partner 360 is currently offered as a service package and cannot be separated at this time.
29. How long is the programme commitment?
The minimum commitment for Amazon Selling Partner 360 is 6 months. You can choose to continue the service at the end of the 6 months or cancel your subscription with a minimum notice period of 30 days. Amazon Selling Partner 360 reserves the right to terminate your service at any time. There is no maximum length of contract.
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