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Make it easier for shoppers to receive regular deliveries of the products they need.
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It's actually quite simple. You'll have more sales. You'll have regular customers.
Schwartz BioresearchApril 2017, Salud y Hogar
DEDICATED CUSTOMERS: Schwartz Bioresearch sells well-known high-quality vitamins and supplements. Since they started Subscribe & Save, they've seen the percentage of regular customers increase significantly, from 10% to 30%. In their own words, "The best thing about Subscribe & Save is customer loyalty. We have regular customers with minimal investment."

How it works

The Amazon Subscribe & Save programme offers discounted prices, free shipping, and the convenience of regularly scheduled deliveries for eligible products.

Step 1

An Amazon customer wants to buy a product.

Step 2

The customer looks at the lower price and convenience of regular deliveries for Subscribe & Save products.

Step 3

Your new customer just added your eligible Subscribe & Save product to their basket.

Step 4

You now have a regular, reliable customer.

Step 5

You're now a trusted Selling Partner, so this customer is likely to buy more of your products.

Step 6

Attract committed shoppers and trusted businesses with a dedicated Subscribe & Save storefront.
It's a business you can trust
PuracySalud y Hogar
REPEAT SALES: Puracy is an Austin-based company that offers natural personal-care products. Just one year on, Subscribe & Save represents 20% of its annual revenue. Thanks to Subscribe & Save, the company has reduced user acquisition costs, gained reliable business and expanded its brand. The best part? "It's a business you can trust."
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Manage your Subscribe & Save products in one convenient place

With the new Seller Central dashboard, you can:
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See all eligible products

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Search SKUs

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Add some or all of your products to the programme

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View and sort by offering status

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Test with products that are out of stock or are about to run out of stock

Vital Proteins, bottles of collagen peptides on one side
It's very convenient for consumers.
Vital ProteinsApril 2017, Salud y Hogar
EASY BUYING: Vital Proteins helps customers feel better with incredible nutritional products. Currently, its 10 offerings are part of the Subscribe & Save programme. They love that their customers see the added benefits. "Users are getting busier and busier. Thanks to Subscribe & Save, they don't have to order our products, so it's very convenient."

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€39 per month (excluding VAT).
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